[Begin Example]
In this example, you are any one of the two in the middle bottom - you are referred by Bob, who was referred by Andy. Now that you are joining ListMaster, no one else can ever be placed above you, so your upline is fixed, with only 2 people in it - Bob and Andy!

Now, this means the only people you will ever receive email from are Bob and Andy; no one else can send email to you in our system. And, depending on whether Bob and Andy are Free, Gold, or Platinum members, they can only send email to you every 2, 5, or 7 days. So, as you can tell, you will receive very little email by using the ListMaster system to build your list.

As you begin building your list on your level 1, those members will also begin building their list, meaning that your level 2 begins to develop. Members on your level 2 begin building their list and your level 3 begins to develop. And, so on...
The good part is that you get to broadcast throughout all 10 levels of your list, as it grows, while only receiving email from people in your upline, who are Bob & Andy in this example.

If you only refer 4 people, who in turn only refer 4, and so on, you will end up with 1,398,100 subscribers who you can broadcast to every 2-7 days (depending on Membership level).

Imagine the income potential with that leverage, with opt-in, verified, contact email addresses.

You may want more personal referrals, because not only will these people build your list, but hopefully they are in your CTFO matrix as well.

Remember, you receive very little weekly email - from less than 9 people (probably less), yet you will Broadcast to all in your 10-level, viral list.
[End Example]